Support fresh classroom snacks for elem. kids in 2 high need schools

Why I am a Champion for this Cause

My non-profit, the Coalition for Healthy School Food (formerly called New York Coalition for Healthy School Food) started the Fresh Fruit and Vegetable Snack Program back in 2008 and ran it for just over 2 years before turning it over to another organization. Now the program is operated by Wood’s Earth as the Fresh Snack Program. I am motivated to join this campaign because children are fruit and vegetable deficient, and from speaking with elementary students, constipation is epidemic! Between 1/3 and 1/2 of all children in the U.S. will get type 2 diabetes, and 50% of children ages 2 – 15 already have fatty streaks in their arteries, literally the beginning stages of heart disease.

I will make a donation, and I will encourage others to as well. I know that this program changes lives. When my organization ran the program, teachers and the principal told us that it changed the culture of the school. They also reported that students came back from vacations and weekends saying they just didn’t feel the same without their fresh fruits and vegetables. As a result, I understood that potentially hundreds of children had internalized the feeling that fruits and vegetables are important and make them feel good. So for me, this program is a life changer, and I want to make sure that is continues and reaches as many students as possible.

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